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I have just downloaded and installed (update existing installation) the final release of Corona 10 and get the following error on installation:

Removing previous installation of NVIDIA AI Denoiser... Failed to delete file C:\Program Files\Corona\optix\cudart64_110.dll
Operation result: failed
Installing NVIDIA AI Denoiser... Failed to install file C:\Program Files\Corona\optix\cudart64_110.dll: Cannot open/read/write file "C:\Program Files\Corona\optix\cudart64_110.dll"
Operation result: failed

When I look into the specified directory I can see this file.
The rendering works, I haven't yet encountered any problems.

I'm running Cinema 4D 2023.2.1 on a Windows 10 machine, NVIDIA RTX A6000

Regards Börje

Nejc Kilar:
One of the support team members will probably have a more in-depth answer but this typically happens to me when Optix is still in use somehow. What usually helps is making sure C4D is properly closed and then reinstalling Corona. If that doesn't help a reboot almost always does - at least for me.

If your Optix DLL is not properly installed your "Fast preview denoiser" is probably not going to work.

OK. Thanks.

I have just updated my NVIDIA-drivers (though I did that last week). And re-installed Corona and made sure no other software was running.

Now that worked and no errors were shown!

Nejc Kilar:
Gotcha, glad you got it working!

This just popped up for me after I just updated the latest daily release. Except I was just getting a constant error message that I was missing the cudart64_110.dll when using the Interactive Viewport.
Searching my system for this file wasn't finding it. This thread help me find where the file should be, and it is there, except in a subfolder. One I moved it out and restarted the error message ceased.



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