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Clouds Bug

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Hello, Alex again. I found a strange behaviour of clouds shadows in my scene. I can reproduce it so here you can see a video where I moving my camera into a simple scene with clouds, trees and a simple huge plane.
Every time I move in or out my camera and stop the IRR, the clouds continue to update its position....only during movment in or out Very annoying during the clouds setup position.
How does it works the clouds generation? is it position camera based during IRR? seems works fine with final render (seems) but not with IRR....

Attached you can find a movie and the scene.
Latest Cinema4D and Corona Render commercial release on OSX lates OS and M1 Max processor.

This was reported and fixed in Max in a daily build of 10, "Shadows from clouds no longer move with the camera.", - so it should make its way in to C4D 10 as well.

Thank you so much!

Working as expected for me with RC2 ;)

Good to hear!


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