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Render selected not working as expected?


I'm sure I've used ths millions of times, but most recently render selected is not working as expected....
if I drag in an object from within a nested stack - for instance if i drag in 'label2' (see screengrab attached), then it just outputs a black render.

If i drag in the 'Bottle' group however, then it works just fine. 
Just started happening recently - but not sure what changed.

(include childern box is ticked)

Win10 pro, C4D R21. Corona 9.1.

Hi there, I can also confirm that something seems a bit odd here. I have informed the devs and I am waiting for more info on it. So far it looks like the parent is needed for it to render unless it has been removed from the group. Or, viewport selected could be used and you manually click on the label to get it rendering.

Hi there, so it seems that it is working as expected. What you are seeing is the subdivided polys being rendered, not the actual mesh itself. If you place a cube in a null object, you will notice that the cube will get rendered if either the null or the cube is added to the list.


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