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Im getting TONS of flickering in a basic animation


I've got a basic animation scene set up and im getting crazy flickering from frame to frame in my foreground. I feel like I've tried just about everything:

1. Using UDH Cache and refreshing each frame - I tried 4k Cache and no difference
2. Made a new file and moved everything over
3. Clay render instead of textured - still the same problem
4. Noise set to 3%
5. Render settings set to animation

See attached for video of flickering and images of my render settings. Thank you in advance!

As the first step, please update to Corona 9 HF1 and try again -

If the flickering is still there in 9 HF1, I would advise the following:
In the Performance tab, set both the primary and the secondary GI solver to "Path Tracing" and render a few frames. This way we will find out if the flickering is related to the cache or not. If you will still get flickering, then it means that it's not the cache and we need to search somewhere else.

I just disabled camera focus overrides and that seemed to solve the issue. Is this known?

I don't think so. Could you please contact us here and attach the scene? (or a part of it where the issue can be reproduced)


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