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corona proxy or x-ref object?


will corona proxy gives me better performance or render time advantages than x-ref object ?

Hi, please check the following article:

--- Quote ---In Corona Renderer, proxies do not improve rendering time or quality in any way – otherwise all scene objects would be converted to proxies internally, right before the rendering starts. Proxies are useful for keeping smooth viewport performance while handling large amounts of high-poly objects in the scene. They also make your scene files smaller, by storing the proxy objects in other locations.

--- End quote ---

I kinda understand this but does corona proxy gives better viewport performance than x-ref object I mean in general which is better

If you are asking about viewport performance then:
- xref and Corona Proxy with "full mesh" viewport display will have identical (or very similar) viewport performance
- if you set Corona Proxy to "point cloud" or "box" display mode it will most likely have better viewport performance than an xref


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