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Does anyone elses 3DS Max hang after closing it?

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Hi all

ive noticed over the last few months, 3DS max hangs and freezes when i try and close it down.  It also happens sometimes when i press File>New.  this also happens on a new machine in which i installed it on - just wondering if this was happening to anyone else?

Yep. I sometimes wait 10+ minutes for max to close... it's worse on some scenes than others, but no pattern or reason found yet

strange - its been happening since this years updates more so.

Can't you roll back to previous update?. I'm on Max 2023.2.2 - no freezes on closing here.

Yes, noticed this too, sometimes pretty brutal 5 minutes easily on heavy scene. My workstation is 2023.1 (can't update because I need the features to be exactly in this rev).

I haven't updated 3dsMax, I only keep updating Corona, and I would say it's Corona as well but I don't have time to investigate.


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