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Corona DR server not working on a VPN

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Hi all,

We are trying to use Corona DR server on a VPN network. We have opened up all the ports in the firewall on both the workstation and the render machine. They have connection but for some reason I am not receiving any passes from the DR Server.
I have looked trough the logs but there is nothing to see there either. I have attached two images that shows the problem.

Any clue on how we could go about this?

Do you have additional Render Nodes? You'd need two if you have a main machine and secondary machine rendering, one of those would be the main Corona license, so there would need to be an additional Corona Render Node in there as well.


We are using online licenses. Does this still applies?
It have worked before with only one render node (DR server) and a workstation.

All licenses are online ones these days :) You can use the Manage License Server to take a look at how many render nodes you have available.


It looks like your DR node is running out of RAM. It states it's using 133/127 GB.

So it's probably spending a bunch of time copying stuff between the HDD page file and RAM. You can probably check this in task manager.

Can you try with a simple scene and see if it works?




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