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How can I change these settings?

did you try the "showClass" command like I wrote in my previous post?

Yes, I tried and found these parameters with code: showclass "Cmasking_mask*.*". Thanks for your previous reply.
In any way at what object they should be changed. Is this the Camera? Renderer?, .. Please help, I can't find what I'm looking for.
<????>.mode = 2 ?
Can you get example.

well, you have to get the specific render element you want to change.
there are different ways to do that but for example:

--- Code: ---rem = maxOps.GetCurRenderElementMgr()

myRe = rem.GetRenderElement 0 -- get your renderelement here. The 0 represents the position of the renderelement in the list and starts with 0 for the first one.

myRe.mode = 0
myRe.nodesMonoOn = true
myRe.nodesMono = #($Box001,$Box002) -- inside the array are the objects you want add to the included list.

--- End code ---

hope that helps

This works great. Thanks a lot!


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