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Render marked takes to Picture viewer is not working anymore

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"render marked takes to pictureviewer" renders always the same take (the actually marked take) instead of switching trough all marked takes.

(Daily Build 2023-01-23)

Hi Beck,

I have this issue too, it is here since Corona 9. There is a workaround, you have to set the C4D Picture Viewer as the default Framebuffer in Corona settings, like this :

Ok, thank you John.
I have this problem only since the last daily build 2023-01-23 (C4D R25). But i will try your workaround.

This setting seems not to be the problem, because this was already set to "C4D picture viewer" in my corona settings.
Thank you anyway

Can confirm, I had the issue today with Corona v9. In fact I had the two results, one scene where it worked and the other one it failed to change the active take. In the latter the marked takes were the children of a parent take, which itself is parented to the Main take. I don't have the time to dig further but it could be related to this.


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