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VFB button "send to c4d" does not work in 2023.1

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Hi all,

I was searching for that topic but could not find any, so I am opening this thread:

I mentioned that the "send to c4d" button in the vfb opens the c4d-pictureviewer, but the rendering is not sent to it. Just a blank window. Corona 9 and 2023.1.

It works in R19 an Corona 9

Hi steppes,
Thank you for reporting this.
We will investigate this issue.
I'll return to you as soon as possible to let you know the outcome.
Kind regards.

Hi Steppes,

Can you also test this with the latest Corona 10 daily build to see if it's still an issue?

Hi Steppes,

Did you get a chance to test this?

I havent tested in Corona 10.

Is there a way to fixit in Corona 9?


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