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Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.

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Can the Devs comment on this please? Would be good to know that if we are spending a tonne of cash on an Ultra Studio or whatever comes next that we are going to get all the juice out of it? (or even my current M1Max)

Maybe something is going wrong with Cinema4D with or without corona render.
Take a look into this video and watch what happen to Cinema4D memory....I got many crash on Corona Render during day too...but maybe Cinema4D help Corona to crash....(watch it on YouTube so you can enlarge the video)

This is the replay from Maxon's Support:

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the issue you experienced.

I was able to reproduce the issue here to.

There's been a bug filed for the behavior you've described. I've aggregated all of your comments and information alongside the bug report to our Engineering team, who will continue to dig into the issue and prioritize it for a fix.

The timeline for a fix will vary depending on the impact (how many customers are affected) and severity (how bad is the bug) as well as the status of new feature work. As such, I cannot provide a time estimate as to when it'll be fixed.

I am very sorry, but currently I have no solution for you to prevent it.

As we are able to reproduce this from Cinema 4D 2023 down to S24, we think this is an issue with the macOS Graphics Driver.
We have to clarifiy this with Apple first.

Just out of interest, is this setting for 'On battery' or 'On power adapter'? I have my macbook charger plugged in all the time 24/7 so have battery set to automatic and power adapter to 'high power'.. Should I be setting both to low for rendering?

You can leave settings to "automatic"...usually this settings is for optimising the energy saving. If you leave all to automatic you will get the best performance during the rendering. Most of this settings is for the GPU. We don't know why Corona change the rendering speed based on these settings...

Hey mate,

M1 doesn't have the automatic setting, it's either on or off and that's the most annoying part having to switch on and off depending on what software you're using.

Hello? Any dev around? at least to say something about it? 


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