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As soon i use chaos scatter IR re parses all with every cam move

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for some reason here, when i use chaos scatter in my scene, in IR every camera move initiated a full scene parsing.
i guess/ hope this is a bug.

can you check that, as the scene and scatter not changes in relation to camera i think it should not need a new parsing of the scene, that makes IR not interactive any more. As soon i hide the scatter objects, IR is interactive gain without re- parsing the scene.

Or do i oversee something?

thanks for help!

Sure, would be much better, if it got "frozen" like displacement.

Hi Stefan, are you able to share a video of this happening?

yes i can make a screencast tomorrow

here a screencast:

i tested with the chaos scatter items off and on,

- having the scatter objects OFF, lets the IPR be used as usual
- having the scatter items ON (using mostly cosmos items) lets the ipr re render form start with any change, even just moving the camera(basically not being an IPR anymore)
hope you can fix that, corona 8 and scatter and cosmos are great otherwise! :)


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