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Anisotropy on beveled cylinders


Hey all,

I wanted to improve on some of my materials, especially brushed metals and came across a seemingly still persistent bug when using anisotropy on cylinders with beveled edges.

There are already a few posts regarding this problem but this one is my original one:;all

It also got added as official bug, but seems to have been "solved" as core issue with no further action required.

I just want to know, if this behavior is something that will stay like it is or if there is hope to have it corrected.
I tried a lot of workarounds but found none to be working reliably.
For example using UV axis shows the correct result but with visible steps in the reflection and required correct UV maps (not easy with imported geometry).
And faking the reflections with radial gradients is just not the way to go when using an engine committed to "easy realism" like corona.

The visible hole/gap is linked to the amount of subdivisions the beveled edge has, not to it's radius.

I'd appreciate any info about upcoming fixes or reliable solutions using e.g. triplanar shaders.


Hi, I have logged this again. (Internal ID=978917686)


--- Quote from: Beanzvision on 2022-10-12, 11:33:57 ---Hi, I have logged this again. (Internal ID=978917686)

--- End quote ---

Hi Beanzvision,

does the moving of this issue to "Resolved Bugs" mean we can hope for a fix or that this is expected behaviour and will remain the way it is?

Best Regards,

There were improvements already in the 10 daily builds ( ) - you can test to see if this improves your scenario, afaik it should do.

Current 10 daily seems fine...


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