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Free Tree/Shrubs/Plants Pack

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Just found out about this site giving away a free pack of 90 (think) models including Max with Corona materials. I haven't opened it yet, but they look very nice. Just have to register, no surprise there.

Edit: Turns out only the Max files come with Corona materials, but all the pieces are there to build them yourself and see how close the converter gets. They are fairly low resolution textures, but the price is right.

Great finding!!! Thank you!!

Very nice objects with properly done materials.

Thanks a lot for the link!

Thanks for link

Hi BigAl3D,
thanks for sharing!

--- Quote from: BigAl3D on 2021-11-17, 18:26:51 ---Turns out only the Max files come with Corona materials,

--- End quote ---
Are you sure you downloaded the right files? There is "MT_PM_V60_C4D_Corona.7z" in the c4d download section.
I think tex resolution is more than enough. Great sample pack!


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