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Proxies not rendered

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If I remember correctly, this issue is old already.

- Corona Proxy cloned using multi instance
- Expected result in IR
- Not renderer in final render

Win 10
C4D R20 (please check this issue with R20)
Latest version 7 + 8


You're right, this does not seem to work in R20. I have tested in S22 and it works correctly there. I will log this internally.


We may want to add S22 to that ;) Also a few issues here too. :( I am removing my comment, my error was a workflow issue. ;)

Hi there, this issue was partly fixed, but I think it is still not working correctly on R20.

I tested it with the latest build, RC 2.
IR is working as expected, all proxies are rendered. Final render does only render the first proxy in my SurfaceSpread cloner hierarchy. Surfacespread is set to multi instances. Render instances are working as expected.

Can you check this R20 issue again? 

Hi there, the one version I do not have installed is R20 :/ I did check it with R19 and S22 with Corona v10 RC3 and it was working as expected. Are you willing to test it with the RC3 release?


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