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corona6_rc2_Renderpasses refraction reflection

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Is this feature already available ? Can´t get it running. Do i have to swich on anything for that ?

Ok, i found this new List here : propagate masks , but it doesen´t seem to work !?

...still can´t get it running with rc04 !?

Can you explain what you mean by "can't get it running"? That is, what is your material set up, what are your masks that you have set up in Multipass, and what results are you getting in those masks. Easiest would be sharing the scene, and the renders you are getting from it - otherwise, lots of screenshots (material set up, masks set up) to show the relevant parts of the scene set up. Thanks!

You haven't really described what you are trying to do - your thread title mentions reflection and refraction render passes, but the new propagate in masks options don't affect those, they affect the masks (which is why they are called "propagate masks" and not "propagate passes" :) )

All working as intended here - both my mirror and my glass materials are set to propagate always in masks (so, reflection and refraction), and the ID Material mask shows that at work.


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