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Weird blocks, NAN?

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I had this very same error message come up for me last week on a very simple scene. I did not see anything wrong with the rendered scene though. I forget what the problem was or what I did to remedy or even which file it was. But it went away after I did something so I let it slide. I think I had a broken texture link or something simple like that.
Sorry not much help, I just wanted to let it be known that others have had this error message come up.

Very odd error message. Don't know where a non numeric value could have been entered in this simple scene. 

yeah, this is odd... my render was all white when I got the error, so I didn't see any Nan's. in fact, the whole render view looked washed out.
This morning when I opened the same scene it renders messages or errors. It is so inconsistent.

NaNs generally are inconsistent - because sampling involves randomness, sometimes a ray that causes a NaN will spawn, sometimes not. Generally they are caught when an animation is done, because then on some frames a NaN will happen (but, never on the same frames :) Just by repeating rendering the scene, the randomness will eventually show up). As a note, the NaN is not in the scene itself, but in the calculations done by Corona - thus, there isn't a "problem pixel" in the scene that is a NaN, but somewhere along the way a calculation in Corona results in something that can't be computed (you can take division by zero as the classic example).

Best thing to do in such cases is send us the scene, because if it happened once, it can happen again, depending on the "roll of the dice", and it's always an error in how Corona is calculating something so is something we really want to investigate. Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation Tom.

I have sent the scene last night after the error occurred, hope it helps


--- Quote from: Barendby on 2020-06-25, 18:53:01 ---Thanks for the explanation Tom.

I have sent the scene last night after the error occurred, hope it helps

--- End quote ---

Where was it uploaded and what is the file called? Thanks


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