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Weird blocks, NAN?

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What can this be, is it a form of NAN?

Hi, these aren't NaNs (they will always be black). It looks like a denoising artifact. Is this from IR or a final render? If it's reproducible, can you please share the scene with us? The private uploader link is in my signature below. Thanks!

I got this yesterday on full render, not with IR.
Multiple times.

Today, it is all gone :)
No idea what caused it but it is gone, thanks anyway.

Thanks for the update, If you come across it again, please let us know.

So on another scene when I try to render I get the error:

An internal error has occurred causing your image to contain NaN (Not a Number) value.
Please report the bug with the scene attached. We can fix these problems promptly if we have the scene where it happens.

I am uploading the file now. PLEASE KEET IT CONFIDENTIAL!


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