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Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D daily build - Changelog

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Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-07-16) (

* Added:
* Added distance shader
* Added support for high quality blending in UVW randomizer
* Added support for masks propagation in Corona Material (replaces masks visibility)
* Added option to disable caustics adaptivity/optimizations
* It is now possible to select relevant light objects from LightMix tab in Corona VFB
* Added support for volumetrics in Components pass
* Added optional collection of anonymous product usage data
* Fixed:
* Fixed problems in Node material editor when duplicating nodes
* Fixed problem with Node material editor preventing selection of viewport objects
* Fixed problem with Components pass UI not showing correct values untill values are changed

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) (

* Added:
* Added hue, gamma, temperature and green-magenta tint parameters to ColorCorrect shader
* Added support for %ptg token in render stamp
* Changed:
* UVW Randomizer now defaults to objects mode
* Fixed:
* Fixed problem with Corona plugin not loading on MacOS X Mojave
* Fixed typo in UVW Randomizer
* Distance shader now show simplified preview in viewport instead of error message
* Distance shader now doesn't render error message in cases where added objects don't contain any geometry
* Fixed inconsistency between IR and final render when there is an empty or invalid material tag on an object
* Changing "Use Cinema 4D color space" now correctly refreshes Corona VFB
* Fixed several crashes and hangs in IR when updating materials and shaders
* Fixed custom render stamp format not working in TR
* Fixed "Batch load textures" button on macOS that didn't allow a user to choose any file previously
* Corona Shared shader no longer appears in options in Node material editor (shaders sharing is fully handled by editor itself, so creating Shared shader doesn't make sense there and only caused problems)
This is our first release candidate, from now on we will be mainly focused on fixing bugs before releasing final version 6.

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 2) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed crash when dragging connection in node editor that is same as already existing one
* Fixed crashes when using Triplanar or UVW randomizer along another Corona shaders within single C4D shader (e.g. Layer)
* Fixed node editor previously allowed to create recursive connections with "Add existing..." menu, resulting in crashes
* Fixed bug with Distance shader with only non-geometry objects (e.g. Null object) rendering error text after reloading document
* Performance improvements in 4K cache
* When the environment is visible through a reflection or refraction during mask propagation, the result is now a black color instead of the mask of the reflecting/refracting object

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 3) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed loading of post processing preset in Corona VFB
* Optimized Corona VFB refresh when using C4D color space
* Fixed bug with Corona Bitmap rendering rotated HDRI image when used in environment
* Fixed problems with NaNs in render caused by using textures containing NaNs in their file
* Fixed crashes in node system when disconnecting nodes with multiple connections within more complex shaders hierarchy
* Fixed problem with occassional duplication of shader when disconnected in node system
* Fixed crash in some cases when deleting shader node in complex hierarchy via node system
* Fixed duplication of Layer shader in node system (i.e. ctrl+drag of Layer shader)
* Fixed problem with material preview and its IR render not updating when deleting its shaders via node system
* Fixed problem with non-collapsible tree with presets in multipass dialog
* Fixed problem with Bloom and Glare not refreshing in Corona VFB without moving mouse over VFB area
* Fixed random crashes when updating Sun/lights in IR
* Added:
* Dissolve with previous image added to Development/Experimental Stuff section of render settings, for future development

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 4) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed crash when rendering Corona proxy without geometry
* Fixed problems and crashes with updates of Corona Sky in HDRI mode in IR when C4D shaders are used under Corona ones
* Fixed crash when editing Vertex Map tag linked to Vertex Map shader used inside another C4D shader in IR
* Fixed updates of Corona Distance shader used inside another C4D shader when modifying linked geometry in IR
* Fixed crash when objects with normal map were added in subsequent frames in IR
* Changing postprocessing on active camera now won't restart IR
* Fixed problem with remaining entry in Windows Apps & Features after running uninstall


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