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Strange reflections on curved surfaces


On curved surfaces there are strange reflections. It looks like there is a problem with phong. On flat surfaces, it works fine. See attached render.

Sample file for Cinema 4D R18.028 with Corona A6RC2

If that's very low poly mesh, then this result is probably expected. I don't have C4D, if you'd export those meshes to OBJ format, i could chech how it renders in 3ds Max.


Smoothing groups maybe ? I don't know how they name this in C4D, but at least in 3dsmax that's something users regularly forget about ;)

Hey, try this :

N-side spline, R: 200cm  sides : 200
duplicate it, Change the R for the thickness u want, if u want 1 cm R: 199 , 2cm R:198 etc
Edit splines, delete the part u want (see attachement 1), connect and delete the splines. Close the spline (join points)
Add a revolution with high subdivision for ur spline.

u will have a clean model.



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