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[Maybe a Bug?] Anisotropic reflection on capped cylinders

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--- Quote from: tiagosaraivacg on 2016-04-08, 02:13:28 ---just been testing this last night.. trying to understand how corona deals with anisotopy. I end up doin some tests with the most used object, a cooking pot.

ill explain a bit of my workaround.

-I started by trying to understand what value Id need to have straight angles on my anisotropy glare. I end up finding out that for radial you use a value of 0.4 and for planar 0.6. take in count that there must be some glossiness, else you dont get the desired effect.

-then iv separated my polygon faces, according to the type of reflection I wanted to achieve (radial/planar)

-the next step was to apply both textures with the selection tags, using a gradient(planar) and a spiral gradient(radial) assigned to the diffuse channel, so I culd check in the viewport, how the reflection would react. I end up by having a planar projection for the radial, and a cylindrical projection to the planar.

-the next step, iv set up my metal texture, to finally add the "blurry lines". Iv made my lines on photoshop. and applied them to the glossiness texture on both textures.

hope this can help someone.

Tiago Saraiva

--- End quote ---

Thanks Tiago!
I'll try your workaround next time I run into this problem.



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