Author Topic: C4D Mix mode & workflow  (Read 2255 times)

2015-05-08, 17:12:40

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No need to reinvent the wheel!
Everything has to work immediately and by default Cinema4D.
Understanding the process of blending the color of the texture should be as clear and have the conventional logic of well-known products in the CG.
How correctly noted bugtester "Han" that two different methods would only worsen the understanding of the process of creating materials.
I believe that CoronaC4D should have the logic of building materials as much as possible similar to its flagship Corona for 3DMax,
because the development and the trend is to render initially 3DMax.
And of course because of the possible transfer of a 3D user from program to program.

2015-05-08, 17:24:02
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Yes, you are right! Ondra,  please, hear us) Your work is awesome and we want to max comfort with work on above station (3dsmax, Cinema). Stefan tried to understand Cinema core in his time, but anyway did like 3dsmax.) So, we love your work and waiting continue))
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Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

2015-05-08, 18:39:39
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Layer - inside mixing work properly, colors and blending modes show true test result.
External Mix mode works quite wrong.