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Work in Progress/Tests / Sportler's WIP/test Renders
« on: 2015-08-30, 09:39:18 »
Hello fellow Corona users,
I wish to share my test and WIP renders in this thread. I'll start with tonights test render of metallic gears. I smacked together some gear models just to get started rendering with Corona. Haha, I really wanted to get going tonight.

This uses a basic metal shader, and took 8 minutes to reach 200 samples on a i7-5820K.

I will post more renders as I progress with Corona. I have posted here before, back when the alpha was a thing, but now I have also jumped on the full version, and hope to create lots of nice work with Corona :D Thanks for a great and friendly business model, and a high quality renderer.

Gallery / Fedora
« on: 2014-11-16, 00:11:32 »
Yep, more or less what the title says. I apologize for some weird UV's here and there, but the overall look is all right. Had some issues with normals creating issues with the shading (sharp shadow angles), but otherwise quite nice. Modeled in Maya, and exported to Max for rendering in Corona! rendertimes are about 3-6 minutes each at 1080p HD resolution.





[Max] I need help! / Distributed Rendering issue
« on: 2014-08-19, 10:58:12 »
Hello, I am trying to do some distributed rendering with my laptop, but am met with this error. Any idea what might be causing it?

 - I have 3ds max and Backburner installed on both machines
 - I find my laptop in max interface on manager
 - Laptop registers on backburner successfully


Gallery / Winter Apartment
« on: 2013-11-28, 17:18:29 »
After playing around a bit with Corona for a while I have found that it is basically super easy and super intuitive to use! I love the simple settings and the amazing results that this renderer provides. It is (almost) a one click procedure after having set up your scene and materials. That being said, materials are really simple and I think that if you have worked with Vray before, the material interface will look extremely familiar and you will wonder where this engine has been your entire life. I did! Anyway, here is a test project I did with the Corona renderer. It is three rooms in a winter apartment! Absolutely impressed with the Corona developer managing this (mostly?) on his own.

Dining room



Regarding the render times, I think they are really damn great. Most images required about an hour of rendering in order to clean up to an acceptable level. The only reason the kitchen spend 8 hours is because I left it overnight! Aside from all of this I have a couple of pros and cons for this renderer, but I’m sure the developer is aware of them already!

  • Multitextures! I have used them in these shots, but I’m pretty sure it is only using one image. Not entirely though.
  • SSS for fruits and organic tissue. Translucency works amazing for curtains (I know SSS is being developed right now)

Other than that Corona works really well for what I need to do in my 3D work and I am certainly switching to Corona and both Vray, Maxwell and Octane are dead to me right now! Keep the good work up, Keymaster!

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