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--- Quote from: DeadClown on 2012-09-20, 09:59:02 ---Ocram: I'm pretty sure everything in this poll will be implemented sooner or later, but the question is: what do the users need first(!) ? I'd love to have DR too but I would prefer some basic things at this early stage of development ;)

--- End quote ---
Exactly ;))

rawalanche & loocas: I'm agreeing with Loocas on this one - Corona is already fast, so I thought it would be better to add something entirely new instead of speeding it up more. But evidently people want it ;)

Voted! Great poll :)

Paul Jones:
Interesting how people use things differently - interactive renders for example, I've tried using fr/iray in activeshade mode, all ok for shader tweaks but to me nothing that a region render can't do. I'd like it, but not as important as the rest. Has anyone had much luck with other render engines and interactivity?

this whole interactive rendering stuff is for tweaking shaders on a sphere and placing lights for reflections on a car... I didn't use it for anything useful. May it be VrayRT or Iray. For me, it's more a toy than a tool. As soon as I have a production scene with tons of textures and millions of polygons this whole IR stuff is unusable anyways... As Paul says: region rendering is good enough.

To clarify, Corona RT would be the exactly same renderer, just launched interactively with optimized parsing when only a part of the scene is changed.

I have no intention of doing second half-assed interactive renderer with half the features. Not now, not ever ;)


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