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--- Quote from: John.McWaters on 2022-10-26, 20:31:10 ---GPU/Hybrid Rendering!

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--- Quote from: John.McWaters on 2022-10-26, 20:31:10 ---GPU/Hybrid Rendering!

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For version 10 please pay more attention to the animation part:

Parsing performance optimization.
Optimize hair and sss render speed.
Speed of interactive rendering when playback or rolling on timeline.
Sketch/Toon/Stylized shader.
A filter for fireflies or lower fireflies result for scenes with many reflection materials.
Optimize corona high quality AI for better result.

GPU/Hybrid Rendering!


Can developers explain at least is it possible to "convert" Corona into a GPU render engine, as there are so many Hybrid requests.
Do not get me wrong Hybrid enthusiasts, but I think that would mean rewriting the base code completely, meaning it would not have the qualities of the CPU Corona.
Taking example on Vray, it has been developing the GPU version for so long, and as far as I know it doesn't have quite some features of the CPU version. Meaning the current scenes would need to be converted and adapted for the GPU options, in which we would start complaining about some features that are not implemented like in some other engine (hint: it starts with F).
If that means crippling the current process of Corona in improving features or adding new ones, would that be feasible? Something that would get half results in both fronts, leaving no one satisfied.

I may be wrong completely, that is why a explanation would help in this matter as I am sure the team researched this possibility if they put it in the list of wanted features.



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