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18 sphere lights - intensity 120
+1 sun(0.04) and corona sky(0.25) - full settings attachment

Ludvik Koutny:
1, why would you change intensities of corona sun and sky?
2, There is some background going on behind window. If that's geo with some material, that could be a part of the problem.
3, You seem to have used some material converter. There might be a lot of materials done wrong and slow
4, Do you have glass in your windows?
5, Any chance you could share (privately) the scene, so i or someone else can help you set it up?

1) at a coefficient  1 - all heavily relight
2) just a box at a safe distance from the scene in the direction of the camera
3) yes converted materials, but most of then corrected manually
4) no
5) no problem, i can share the scene, but only in the evening (on moscow time)

can you public share your scene? II also want to take part in the help :).

sharing scene:


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