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Hello friends, I have a specific problem and please help me how to proceed. Custom rendering data is as follows: i9 13900k version with liquid cooling ROG RYUJIN II 360//AIO
COOLER, SIGRID, NOCTUA 3 fan, AURA, motherboard- ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO , 64GB RAM G.skill and video card- rog strix 4080 oc eddition. while rendering 4k resolution rendering with corona high quality denoising on corona 10 for 3ds max 2024, while reloading denoising suddenly screen turned blue and shut down because of overheat warning ( i think so) . then i tested my ROG RYUJIN II 360 on a cpu stress test and I noticed that the core temperatures at full load go above 90 degrees, overall 8% overheating was shown by the aida64 test. What do you recommend me to do and how to fix this problem, I wonder if there is some rendering error or if it is a cooling problem? The computer itself is new and is a few months old, do I need to change the thermal paste or add 3 additional fans to the radiator to lower the temperature?

Denoising pushes the CPU to its max, but of course the CPU, motherboard, and cooling system should be able to handle that (that is, there is no error in Corona that can cause overheating as we can't ask the system to do more than it is capable of). First thing I would check is the easy things to look into - e.g.that the CPU cooling is properly fitted to make sure nothing is loose or not connecting firmly. I'd then investigate if you can identify WHAT is overheating - most likely the CPU but there are other parts on a motherboard that could overheat. A log someplace might let you know. If it is the CPU, I would then wonder if the cooling is rated for that CPU, and whether it could be faulty in some way.


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