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Dual Epyc 7742 Build


Namik Pirkic:
Hello people :)

I’m building a dual Epyc 7742 setup.

I’ve got it all figured except which OS to put on my mobo of choice: Supermicro Supermicro Motherboard H12DSI-N6 SP3 socket.

Tried searching for supported OS list on Supermicro website, and this is all I’ve got:

I’m confused as it appears that there is no Win 11/ Win 11 Workstation OS support 😁

If someone with the experience could give me some solid guidance or advice, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)

Either send email to SuperMicro support, or ask at

Post when you have successful build :- ) Looks to be very affordable farm option.

Namik Pirkic:
Hi there :)

Thanks for the link Juraj! Will do of course :)

But as my friend said, if it supports server os’s, then the regular os should be supported as well 🤣

Ps, quick search on the forum you’ve directed me to:


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