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Laptop with 64gb or 128gb of memory?

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I use heh my Razer Rogue 17" backpack (now it's called 18" but it's the same one)
I got it for free from one guy who sold me Razer Blade time ago and it fits there... little painfully but it does. And I can carry everything else there in front parts.

I also have this ugly cheapo Pedea case that they make even in sizes to fit 21". But I prefer the backpack, easier to throw into car, take through air-ports,  safer, etc..

Anyway, there was new development recently and 48GB SO-DIMMs are heading to market, meaning 2x48=96 GB which is very solid.
I am not sure if they can be bought already and how well they will work. They technically will work, but practically always means different thing. You may look into this, it would mean you can chose from pretty much any dual so-dimm laptop on market, not just the two.

Uoww that is great news Juraj. I just saw that Mushkin is already selling these memories. With those memorys i would probably go with the Asus Rog Strix Scar 17 with the Ryzen 9 7945hx or the Asus Zephyrus Duo 16.

If you go this route, let us know back how it worked out, will be super interesting for me as well.

I feel like the DUO is very thin laptop chassis due to that half-display above keyboard. I really need to stress how loud these laptops get in workstation tasks.

James Vella:
After seeing that Razer bag I'm getting massive FOMO lol.

While I think the Zephyrus Duo is great I hear the battery gets drained by the second screen. My thoughts on this are that while its useful for people who are regularly in Davinci, most of the time I'm in 3D and for me a second monitor is more useful to the side if docked. I see a few portable monitors on the market now also I use a wacom so it depends on your workflow I suppose since the wacom does the job for me as the 'second screen' (in the case of the Duo).

To be honest after seeing so so many reviews on youtube and watching those intel laptops hitting 58 decibels, to me thats far too loud. My Asus Rog Strix 17 (2021) probably hits around 30-40 (I haven't measured) but compared to other laptops Ive used (also in the workplace) I would say that the Ryzen machines are far more quiet. To me that's an important factor since the fan noise can really get under your skin after awhile. The reason I say that is rendering on 100% Turbo boost (highest power) I cant even hear the fans over a youtube video playing at 20% volume, so thats a win for me.

It's only the Titan that reaches 60dB :- ) It's the only laptop capable of feeding 300W into it. Every other one has average load between 30 to 40dB based on NotebookCheck reviews.

Based on this particular review, it's interesting they measured Scar 17 to be 10dB lower in load average than Strix 17, both with identical CPUs (Ryzen 7945HX) but different GPUs, Scar having 4090 and being the quiter one. But in that chart, pretty much every current laptop has similar 40dB mixed CPU/GPU) average load. Regardless of Intel/AMD (7945HX is much more effective, but it's also denser node, so the heat transfer is more complicated, so you won't get much quiter laptop, just less power draw, more cool chassis and longer battery, which are still very impressive features).


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