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Corona install on Max 2024? Anyone try?

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Can't wait to try VDB boolean meshing, should be quite helpful when dealing with horrible CAD meshes.

My god, this update looks almost too good to be true!

Any news from the Corona team on this? I'm just assuming that getting Corona nodes to work with the new slate and its functions like compound node is going to take some work on their part. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long, I'm very excited :)

We will release Corona 9 HF2 with Max 2024 support, and Corona 10 will also support it.

Hi, do we have that 2024 support going?

If I install current version and direct Corona to 2024, will it work?

Support is added in the latest daily build just out today,

Outside of that daily build, there's no guarantee what will happen if you try installing Corona into Max 2024, as this daily is the first official support.


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