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Corona install on Max 2024? Anyone try?

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Corona install on Max 2024?  Anyone try?


I just downloaded 3DSMax from my Licence.
I had Max2023.3 installed before, so I uninstalled it, as my OS harddrive is small.
I then uninstalled Corona. Rebooted, and installed 3DSMax 2024.

Only then did I think to check if there was a 2024 Corona licence. Doh.

So, I'm not tried it yet. But I will after I reinstall Corona 9.
I doubt it will work with Max 2024 yet, it usually takes a few weeks before 3rd Party Plug-Ins catch up.
So I'm not full of hope that it will work.


Looks like quite interesting release. Will be switching after first update.

Thanks for the move.


Yeah, in work were still on 2022.
No use in breaking something that works.

But at home, I get to install the new releases of AutoDesk products, and Corona.
It doesn't really matter if something explodes, I can usually fix it, or throw a bucket of water on it.
But working, it would be a different story.

I'm going to try 2024 with Corona 9 (Stable Release) in a bit.
Already sure it won't work. But interested.


Wasn't it here yesterday? Where did it go? I have to say it looks like very solid build, COLOR MANAGEMENT ! Hopefully it plays nice with Corona, by which I mean I hope Corona fully respects the settings.


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