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Hi, just now i saw a great article about vray going Qt for the materials, So we know corona materials are Slow, but how much is SLOW.. well i timed at 2.47 seconds for the corona physicals material.
NOT on a fresh new max, but on the same file the autodesk physical mat is redrawn almost in a blink.
So here is the video
Im on max 2023.3, corona 9.1
Win 10, amd 5950x 128gb ram 2060 latest drivers.

Were you using the latest daily in this test, as there were some significant improvements to material speeds already - may make a difference.

Also QT rework is underway e.g. in and if I remember right the reason the Curve editor is no longer a flyout in the VFB is due to the UI there being reworked into QT - but it's non-trivial to do (e.g. the Curve editor no longer being detachable), so things will happen piece by piece over time and that time is not necessarily Corona 10; but we are aware of the benefits of QT and are working on that :)

Is that slowness the same in every scene for you? I have very similarly specced machine, same Max and Corona versions like yours, but i experiece much faster redraw speed for Corona materials, i would say about 3 times faster compared to your video. I tested it in empty scene, but as far as i can recall, it's about the same in relatively heavy scenes. I wonder why such difference?

Latest daily build is faster, but not as fast as Autodesk Physical, that one is just instant blink. Still a space for improvement somewhere.

Is everything fine with your rendering performance? (for example if you try Corona Benchmark -
I would also advise updating BIOS and your chipset driver.

And lastly (this is not a joke - see the attached video) - try changing your Windows power plan to High Performance (there are even apps where you can do it with a single click). You can see how it's super slow in power saver mode (you can literally see the UI redraw) and it's much faster in high performance. I am on a 3900X so it should be even faster for you with a 5950X.

In my recording I am using the 03.03 daily build. It has some material editor speedups so you may want to try it.


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