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New PC 7950x vs 7950x3d

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Hey folk,
Because we build up new computers, Has anyone Informations between the Performance between These two CPUs with corona renderer?

Because the x3D has more Cache, does it mean render time will be performer?

Found this from another thread

6) Corona is heavily memory limited - this means that the CPU spends most of its time waiting for the memory to provide data to be operated on. This also means that the cache size and speed is one of the most important factors in Corona performance.

Source :

Sure I think we have to wait for the first corona benchmark results to get more clearity, but it is already tingling in the fingers to assemble the new computers

Nejc Kilar:
By and large you can potentially come up with some estimates based on the 1st gen V-Cache part that is the 5800X3D. With that particular CPU, based on the publicly available benchmarks, we haven't really seen an uplift there. Looking at the charts the performance is actually ever so slightly worse due to the lower overall frequency.

Here is meta review from numerous sources :- )
BUT, it's still non-conclusive for particularly rendering. Here is my take-away:

1) On average, it will be +/- 5perc. slower in multi-threaded rendering. That's non-issue. This is because of lower operating temperature forcing lower TDP. So in stock config it consumes much less and heats much less. But I cannot find TDP normalized temperature test, i.e, how hot they both run when limited to 130W for example.

2) It's still kind of better technological platform, one I would be more inclined to get. I would sacrifice some performance with 7950X anyway because I would throttle it to 150W.

first result is here


seems it is a bit slower than the 7950x but Freq. [GHz] is also lower (dont know it has rendered with its full potentical)

I would say the benchmarks you linked says exact opposite :- ). You can't compare to 1st post, the whole page1 are overclocked/undervolted massively.


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