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I tried the same thing you did, with both the default material and my own library material - both didn't work. Video attached.


In my previous video, I used the 3ds Max 2023.2 version while it appears that you were using the 3ds Max 2020 version. Therefore, the issue might be related to the specific version of 3ds Max that we are using. Could you please try the same steps with the 3ds Max 2023.2 version?

FYI, I also attempted the same process with the 3ds Max 2020 version and experienced the same behavior as you did. However, when using 3ds Max 2023.2, it appears to remember the UI arrangement.

Please note that this feature/issue is related to 3ds Max and not Corona. You can try this and let me know.

Thanks, Avi.  I will look into 2023 when I can, I'll have to install it on another machine next time in my office. I will also look at 2021 and possibly 2022 too. Its not a make or break feature to migrate to 2023 yet but its nice to know it is possible in newer versions.

Thanks again.


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