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It would be nice if we could rearrange and save the rollouts in the materials. For example, I like to have the Advanced Options above the Basic Options rollout as it's easier to access up top than always scrolling down to access it for one or two changes (usually relating to self-illumination or tail).  I asked on the FB group but as Tom suggested, there likely isn't a way to do that currently.

I have, however, already tried saving out the Physical material to a custom library with the rollout order set the way I want but it resets every time a new material is loaded in SME.


I don't quite understand what you are asking here. It sounds related to something in 3ds Max. Can you please explain your issue a bit more in-depth?

Hi Avi.  You're right, it may be a 3ds Max feature request, not a Corona one. Basically, when a new CoronaPhysicalMtl (CPhys from here on out) is loaded in the material editor, the sections or rollouts are ordered: Basic Options, Media Options, Advanced Options, Maps Options.  My goal with this request was to save that order if the user chooses something different. So myself, I would rather Advanced Options (closed by default), Basic Options, Media Options, then Maps Options.

Often due to the Material Editor window size, I have to scroll down to find advanced options to change settings. I'd like this to be placed at the top for quick and easy access, but keep it closed by default as it is now.

The alternative that I'd accept is assigning Self Illumination settings to the Basic Options rollout, perhaps between Displacement and Clearcoat Layer.  That's the key takeaway I access Advanced Options often (along with IOR mode and Tail adjustment, but those belong in Advanced Options).


You should be able to place it on top for faster access, but currently, it's not possible to control which tab stays open and closed.

Once you rearrange the tabs, every time you create a new Corona physical material, this setting should be remembered by the UI.

I've tried, but the settings don't stay. I've created a CoronaPhysicalMtl template in my library that defaults back to the original order, I've tried saving the UI and the Workspace, but the order always reverts to the default once 3ds Max closes and you open a new instance.

I will also mention, that instead of creating materials from the default Corona library as typing Cphys is fast for me in the search bar than right-clicking and navigating menus, I wonder if that has something to do with the order not sticking. I will investigate this morning and let you know.


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