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Kevin Hall:
I hope that will be so. This year is really full of events. All we've got is just to wait. And it is the hardest part :)

Kevin Hall:
Due to how many space events and space program innovations we have today I think we should always remember the roots.

Today you will read a small story about 3 big heroes: Laika, Belka and Strelka.

These dogs had used to be usual stray dogs until they were picked up to become astronauts.

The first animal ever sent to space. Unfortunately, she never came back.
Laika was launched to Low Earth orbit on November 3, 1957. She successfully reached the destination. She was circling the orbit for 103 minutes. She died due to the increase of the temperature.

Belka and Strelka
The main goal of this mission was to get the needed data in order to send a human to space.
Dogs were sent to the orbit on August 19, 1960.

During the flight, the ship made 17 complete orbits around the Earth. The dogs spent a day in space on 19 August 1960 before safely returning to Earth.
Both dogs died peaceably of old age.

More info here:

Kevin Hall:
Hey JWST how are you?

The telescope is cooling down now. Cooling is needed for the proper work of its infrared instruments. It is so exciting, so exciting to watch. It is such an honor to live at the same time while such great discoveries are being made.


Surprised to see a space thread, but it's a good place to post this. For all the European Corona users here, you will be getting a partial solar eclipse on October 25. Lucky dogs. This short animation shows the percentage of eclipse each area will see.


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