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Infinite ground plane?

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just reminding about this very cool feature, so that it does not get lost in the sands of time ;)

Looking forward to it! :)

Passed 3 years since... yes, future is infinite ;)
Probably as KM stated.

Yeah, that would be invaluable for some specific cases like large scale terrain with some sea or an ocean which surely needs that infinite ground plane for those masses of water cause if done using regular geometry it could make working totally unbearable (yeah hiding those and using ignore extents would help a little but...) yet perhaps there's a reason why Ondra doesn't want or cannot implement that - I can think of amount of Uhd\PT samples needed for that endless plane and the ram amounts involved not to mention how textures or procedurals would work on that - vray probably uses some tricks for it to be efficient but vray is highly biased while corona is less. But even if I'm not sure it's possible in corona at all, I still would love to have it. 

We probably will not do this. The workaround is to set the render multipliers in a 3ds Max plane object.


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