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Distance Map Inside Color issue

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Aaron Quinn:
Just checking in, I have been following this issue for quite a while now.

Wanted to notify that this problem is still apparent in Corona 4.

How about in the newest daily of Corona 5, as Marcin mentioned?

Not sure if anyone is still having this issue but..I am...until I found I could just grab the distance texture shader from VRAY - it doesnt have whatever bug the corona one has. Yep - using the VRAY distance map in corona seems to work without the overlap issue.

As a side note...VRAY distance map used to have this same issue and it was resolved a few versions ago. (Prior to VRAY next) Maybe you can as them what they did ? :P

Ink Visual:
This had never been resolved to my knowledge.
Any chance of looking at it in Corona 10?
Would be great to be able to use intersecting objects that would produce intended results in "inside color"


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