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Dirt map?

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Thank you, very usefull info.

Keymaster, have you considered getting in touch with Matthias Senz from enRichPro (making RichDirt) - I have already been talking to him about Corona and he seems interested in porting RichDirt to Corona to. if you are interested I can give you his contact data.

I guess it could be done with a shading API, I will try to release it sometimes before A6. Or I can find other solution if he contacts me.

Any news about Richdirt support ? Its one of the best texturing/post related plugins ever, it is a game changer for exterior visualisations and can be quite useful for some interiors too and would be awesome if corona could support it. Of course it would be even better if it could be implemented using like you wrote "other solution" - cause, for one, I don't want to buy another licence if Matthias decides to release special version for Corona only and for two, I think conversion of some old v-ray based assets\scenes would be much easier this way. Yet still I'll will buy it again if there is no other method than to rewrite it specifically for Corona.
P.s I don't know, maybe I should post that as a separate feature request ?       

RichDirt support is required for Corona.. its the best solution for dirt.. btw AO is not dirt.. if you check out RichDirt you will know the difference. RichDirt rock.. Corona need it :) Waiting for you guys to make it happen :D Thanks :)


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