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Not sure if bug or if it's already either known or normal thing for HD cache to work this way. It seems it's a "russian roulette" each time I press render the area light either passes through the glass or it won't (did only a 10 minute test max and it doesn't seem to change). Default settings(+hd cache max records-8000). pt+pt looks okay(without that spot)...

I thinks it's a matter of some "threshold". But don't know which one. :)

Ludvik Koutny:
HDcache sampling is quite random, so sometimes it might hit the light source, while other times it won't. Especially when real glass is the case, because rays branch even further as they pass through the glass. You can increase HD cache sampling accuracy by increasing PT samples value in HD cache settings, and you can increase HD cache samples density by increasing positional sensitivity parameter.

Is the glass onesided or twosided?

No it was not, I was using a solid object so I left it at onesided. I understand that some thresholds could cause some leaks in hdcache, however it still looks weird cause it was either going through and was refining progressively or it did not get through at all and was not appearing after a while so I was just thinking it might be a bug or somethin. I thought that maybe corona was having problems with the geometry of glass having edges at the same place as walls so I've made the glass object significantly smaller and again, I press render the spot from area is there, stop press again, it's gone... again and it's there..  I need to build some simple test scene to get to know what's all the settings in hdcache about, cause it looks i'm missing something quite important there :D....


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