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Corona Object Properties menue


Hello guys!

It would really make life easier with a roll out menue like vray has. Guys please do something like this )) this feature is very convenient (when you can turn on and off stuff like "visible in reflection/refraction" on the fly). I know you did most of it on shader level with CoronaRaySwitch but in my routine work i found it`s not very convenient and fast (

So guys if you add this small feature, would be gorgeous!

I am afraid that would be unnecessary complication of the UI.
What specific features do you see there? Maybe there is some other method of getting what you need, the easy way.

Actually this is so needed feature. For example, if you need to create God rays through clouds, you place a plane with noise opacity map and turn off GI for this object to exclude it from environment lighting so it will illume by Sun. It will help a lot in VFX for example even in architectural visualization. What do you think?


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