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--- Quote from: Juraj Talcik on 2019-06-23, 19:16:59 ---I know the series as articles on website, but didn't know it had FB group, that's new!

8 years ago, when I first went to SOA Academy Days in Venice, the most popular Archviz event, I swear I remember it correctly, there were 2-3 women attending out of 150 guests, including my studio co-partner (and now wife) Veronika. But as years went by, I would say solid 30perc. attending now are women. So it's not parity yet, but I would say much better than many technical industries. Archviz is unique blend of creativity and technical proves, but so is Architecture itself, and when I attended Architecture College in Prague (CVUT), 60perc. were women, so I believe it will not be long before it's much more than my guess-timated 30/70. (I know Jeff does industry questionaries, but this never reaches enough people).

I am never one for stereotyping but I would fully agree there definitely is currently a soft influence among many best women Archviz artists. Same timeframe, 8 years ago, Alfa Smyrna known as Pixela (she was also speaker at that first SOA event!) was respected to the same degree as Bertrand Benoit and Peter Guthrie were and not only was she as technical as Bertrand (that is achievement in itself) she did had that "soft touch" to renderings that was pointed to me back then by Veronika on example of her bedroom rendering, where (outside of perfect light, materials,et..) she also painted the wallpaper on wall, positioned blanket and coffee mug. Plus perfect technical knowledge, I remember seeing Bertrand asking her for BruteForce settings of Vray ( I remember all sort of odd stuff...rather perfect longterm memory, zero short term sadly).
This is the rendering I am talking about:

6 years ago, Veronika and I worked on personal project of Parisian Bedroom. Back then, every bed looked super CGI but also boring, it wasn't paid any attention to. Veronika loves fabrics, sewing and knitting, so she tried to make that better, took her 10 days but the result was something different. And yeah, we had guys ask us (some former classmates from architectural school), why bother with something like bed ? But it proved revolutionary to our studio. Up to this day, we have clients who just come and ask for that messy bed. We literally wouldn't be where we currently are in business if Veronika didn't brought her unique perspective as woman.
( Awkward self-promo for illustrative purpose )

If I were to start naming some super talented Archviz individuals, few women would easily come straight to my mind without much trying as well at least. Britta Wikholm, Lucia Frascerra, Lucia's work particularly you can see the soft influence, Nefeli Kallianou, Ewelina Lekka, etc.

I would say women definitely have solid foothold in the industry. Maybe not yet where it could be, but definitely on path there.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your answer Juraj, I'm actually following your work from a long time ago, your fb page as well and I knew your work with the Parisian apartment when you first posted on behance, is very famous.
Thanks for the kind words about the women in the industry. I am also supporting women in archvis even though I'm not even an architect nor had architectural background (I studied fine arts, I was a graphic designer for many years) then learned 3d (in 2011) and that changed my life, I absolutely love it. I got into archvis by chance and it was a challenge with myself a lot. I don't intend to selfpromote either but I also loved to play in Marvelous designer:
so I inderstand what you mean by attention to details and the messy bed :))
Thank you again for mentioning a few of the famous women artists out there, I totally admire them and some I know personally from the 3ds London meetups :)

again sorry corona team for this out of topic thingy here



Communication over internet is hard... I recommend visiting some of the archviz conferences, you will see that almost everyone in the field is really nice person when you talk face to face. Additionally, Total Chaos had a panel with discussion about women in archviz, and I think there will be also one at this years siggraph.

Hi Ondra, yes, it's a lot better when you meet people at conferences and events believe me I would love to be able to attend every time. Lately, it became more difficult because we are parents but we (me&my husband who is a software developer) use to attend almost every industry event in London.



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