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Grate workz!!! Congratz!!!!

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Ludvik Koutny:

recently, with release of Alpha 5, our forum activity raised a lot and with it also amount of posts, especially in gallery. While i definitely see that as a positive thing, I would prefer if a value of posts on this forum came out of their quality, not quantity. I understand many of you often post comments or congratulations in gallery just to encourage authors to use corona further and to show us as a warm and welcoming community, but i am really starting to be afraid we will become another Evermotion forum.

I would like to ask you all to help improve standards of this forum by putting a little more time into your post, and also not to post just for sake of keeping forum activity up. It would be great, if every post carried something constructive, as it would really add to the value of this forum and make majority of information stored here relevant.

Almost none of the 3D pictures are 100% perfect, and it helps a lot more if you point out what is the weakest aspect of the image or what you personally dislike, so the authors can work on it next time and improve themselves. Or if you just really like the image, then you can describe what is so catching about the image, so author can build on top of that to push it even further.

This is by no means order or a new forum rule, it is just my personal request to you all, and as we are an adult and intelligent community, i am sure most of you will understand what i mean. I would just like to avoid this forum being flooded by the kind of comments i used to name this thread ;)

There are also other sections like general discussion and offtopic, where you can create new discussion about pretty much anything and you are encouraged to do so. If you want to keep forum activity up, that is the way to do it. Some interesting discussions about CG industry, software, hardware, or just funny cat videos or bike riding may come out of this. And even those will still have a lot more value than simple non-constructive congratulations and praising.

Thanks in advance ;)

PS: It would be a good idea to spread this thread around the forum by for example linking it in a reply whenever you feel like the discussion is going down to the Evermotion forum level :)

So basically we don't want to have Deviant Art here.

Grate post!!! Congratz!!!!

Strongly agree!!!


--- Quote from: Polymax on 2013-07-06, 20:27:35 ---Strongly agree!!!

--- End quote ---

I agree, the work in progress section should be the place to focuse on more before posting the final master piece, so everyone can enjoy sharing their helps and comments to improve it the right way and everybody is for a win !


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