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Cube map, line / border in renderering



I am using 3dsmax Corona renderer. It's Cube map render and I am using the Sharpening and Bloom and Glare options in the renderer post-processing.

As a result, when I cut all cube map into 6 different images (px,py,pz, nx,ny,nz) for 360 view.

Problem: I am getting color line / seams in the borders, while we merge the images.

Please find attached screenshot of settings and output.

You are using Corona 6 which was released in 2020. Similar issues were fixed in newer versions of Corona. Please update to Corona 9 ( and if you are still able to reproduce the issue in this version, please let us know.

Thank you for your response.

Although I tried the same process with Corona 9, I am still facing the same issue.
I've used the same rendering settings as before. Does the newer version require me to set any additional render settings? It would be appreciated if I could solve the same issue in Corona 6.

Please find attached screenshot of settings and output.

I have started a support ticket #68512 for you. You should receive an email about it. :)


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