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2021-06-11, 22:07:27


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Corona Renderer is a cornerstone of my work. Although I don't work in a render-heavy industry like ArchViZ or Animation, Corona allowed me and my team to do things we couldn't do before. I cannot share the exact work we do, but suffice is to say that Corona has provided the greatest ROI of any tool I can think of. By several orders of magnitude.

When I started my company 5 years ago, I was able to start selling my work before it existed because the images looked like actual photos. I didn't have the money to build the actual products, so this changed the course of my life dramatically.

It's not like I started from scratch, I had been using Maxwell renderer and Vray for years. But Corona resonated with my brain and I suddenly was able to do much more.

Anyway, my work involves a lot of product development and I go through releases 4 - 8 times a year. I've seen the Corona team go through a lot of what I go through and sometimes I feel their frustration as if it was my own. The recent discussion about V7 and V8 has made me realize how much Corona has done for me and I just want to give back a little bit.

Other than the standard ways in which us users can help (testing builds, helping new users etc...) I would like to know if there is anything else I (we) can do to help! I bet there is a lot of other people here that would like to help in some ways too.  I post this publicly in case other people want to offer their help too, but the best ways to help are probably private. And in any case, thanks for building Corona!

2021-06-12, 01:31:25
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A very kind offer! You are right, good testing and feedback is the best help - if you find a problem, let us know; if you let us know, describe it in as much detail as possible (and often a scene helps); if you have the time to rule out certain "combinations" of possible causes, that is also great (but also fine if work simply doesn't allow that, after all that is what we do, so do still report the problem); if you have time again, sometimes a video showing the problem can help us understand the workflow or conditions under which it happens. If there is something that isn't a bug just a missing feature or something that should "be implemented better", let us know, and if you can, describe what "implemented better" would be (give a suggested alternative rather than just say the current option is no good), and describe why that would be an improvement / important in a production workflow.

All of that is the most awesome help we can receive :) Thank you to all of you who test and report problems! And thank you specifically for the offer of help :)

PS - of course that's a generic "you" for most of the above, not "you specifically" when it comes to how to report issues lol!
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