Author Topic: Volume Material with reflective caustics.  (Read 499 times)

2021-02-09, 20:59:03


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I'm trying to visualize the path that light takes after hitting a reflective surface.

I'm trying to use a volume material to see how light travels through space.

Volume material seems to work with refractive caustics, but not reflective.

Caustics is enabled, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


ps. Alternatively, If someone knows a good workflow for visualizing light paths... The work I'm doing is similar to what a car light designer would do, so there must be a good solution for it, preferably inside MAX.

2021-02-10, 14:45:18
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Caustics don't work inside volumetric materials, a known limitation (or rather they are calculated the old way, which is pretty much the same as saying they don't work :) ). Listed on

The only way to visualize light in a medium would be by faking it, by creating other lights to shine in the reflected direction directly, or otherwise adding geometry with Corona Light Materials on them etc.

2021-02-10, 17:12:50
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If you really need accurate volumetric caustics then Indigo render is your best bet