Author Topic: Public blacklist of Light-Visual studio  (Read 5195 times)

2019-04-12, 15:38:32


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Well, I'll add it up here, just so you know that your work could be stolen just like mine and you shouldn't tolerate reposts from accounts like this.
Belarussian studio Light-Visual has stolen my work (see screenshots) which they pretend to be theirs. Likewise, of few photographers what they pretend is their CGI ;- ).

On Instagram they repost other Archviz work without knowing of the artists, sometimes tag them which is irrelevant because they do it to market their own services.
Unless you like parasites like these to get job from your work and potentially tarnish your reputation (remember, many people never read anything on internet, clients can think the work is theirs even after they botch the work) I would look through their account and report it to Instagram.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
Instagram   Our studio Instagram, managed by Veronika

2019-04-16, 14:40:09
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Philip kelly

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Go on pretend to be a client, waste as much of there time as possible.

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