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@juraj  did you order an Icegiant ProSiphon yet ? Ordered one to test as a potential upgrade for our TR systems. Looks super impressive. Seems like they have a large backlog so mine won't come for another 2 weeks or so, if you ordered one too, make sure to report results :)!

I'm very curious. Since manifold exploration seems to be a sampling technique more than anything else, is it compatible with embree? And regardless if this is something valuable to explore or do... Is integrating this technique viable inside of corona on a technical level or does it require deep changes to the rendering core?

I remember not so long ago when someone was asking for "more better caustics" that the argument was... there is not much you can do to the algorithms to make caustics faster than say... 5 - 10%

Of course, I will not even pretend to understand how complex this subject is and I know that Corona already uses adaptive sampling for caustics that for all we know is already great... but its fun to think that a novel algorithm could make as much of a difference as it seems to in these papers.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2020-08-31, 19:35:57 »
Might be a stupid question, but is there any possibility of having an "Interactive Lightmix" but for Textures? Like how we can change the intensity and temperature of lights without the  needing to be rendered. I think it would be great to change textures on the fly like ILM.
Added into the poll. Also all vote counts were reset to 0 as usual for each release. We noted the results of previous period voting, and are planning to address the TOP 2 items (PBR material and tone mapping) in the next release.

Glad to see this being planned :) although, a little disappointed the expected release is one year from now :(

Planned release: Q2 2021

Off-Topic / Selling Quadro RTX 5000
« on: 2020-08-24, 22:56:26 »
I'm guessing is ok to sell stuff in the off-topic? if it is not, please delete :)

Quadro RTX 5000. Never overclocked. I take good care of my hardware.

I could probably flip it in eBay but I'd rather deal with a trusted party.


I'm willing to sell at a fair price, accepting offers. Shipping from Mexico using preferred shipping method.

Romullus, you are right, it got to me. Done.

3 times longer than what?

I really hope your animation skills are better than your ability to answer simple questions.

Here they are again, made them shorter to help you out.

1. Which render engine has caustics that you like?

2. What kind of commercial render scenes would benefit the most from having caustics?

Your cooler is insufficient. I should know, the first 2990x build I did, I used that same cooler and got the same results,  thankfully, I listened to juraj and ordered a noctua. The difference is night and day.

The issue is coverage. The is not a single of-the-shelf liquid cooler that offers 100% coverage for threadripper (except enermax, with terrible quality control and reports of leaks and rust, even for the latest revision)

If you want to water cool, you have to go custom loop. Otherwise Noctua

Answer 3 basic questions then:

1. Which render engine has a great caustic solver, that lives to your standard?

2. What kind of render scenes NEED caustics, otherwise they are not usable (for example, a pool without caustics is not usable. Jewelry render without caustics or dispersion is not usable)?

The best artists in the world are out there doing amazing renderings that I bet you can't match. And they are not complaining like a baby screaming and demanding features no one wants.

Caustics are not going to improve your renders.

Not reading comments from other users, ignoring basic questions, repeating the same chant over and over. Not sure we need more evidence of a troll among us.

Also, bringing dj_buckley in a little further :) - sorry! - you said if the goal is ultimate realism, questioning the utility of caustics is odd.

I agree.

But it is clear Ultimate realism is not the goal of Corona Render.

From the beginning, Corona characterized for choosing an interesting set of compromises that brought us Speed, Ease of use and "very reasonable realism"

In other words, Corona chose to tone down the realism just a little bit and just in the right way so the engine was very fast and very easy to use and configure.

Can you do more realism? sure. at the expense of time.

Can it be even easier to use and even faster? Yes! at the expense of realism.

Corona is not about ultimate realism. It's about equilibrium.

A new solver was never promised.

Caustics are notoriously hard, all render engines struggle with this problem in some form or another. Many don't have it implemented at all. Knowing the time and effort it would take to create a new solver, I think the majority of the community would prefer that time to be spent on other features.

I hear you, caustics on pools is pretty much the only commercial use case for caustics right now. But the thing is, that is pretty much the only time is really needed. Would caustics add a tiny amount of realism in some scenes? yes.

Look at this examples of architecture photography, can you find many -if any- examples of scenes that absolutely need caustics?  I couldn't find examples that even show clearly visible caustics.

In your study you showed a few examples on how caustics are visible in everyday life*

Except, in everyday life, no one is running around with a water bottle or hose spraying water all over the floor.

Of course you would get caustics in those scenarios... but unless you specialize in a very niche market of scenes-that-were-just-sprayed-with-water I don't see the current caustics solver holding anyone back.

Off-Topic / Re: Corona Virus Impact
« on: 2020-08-01, 00:18:18 »
Cool Thanks!

Off-Topic / Coronavirus Impact
« on: 2020-07-31, 17:51:42 »
I'm very curious about what effect - if any- did the CORONA named virus had on corona render sales/traffic/search term/support tickets etc?

Not talking about the economic ecosystem having an impact on sales, but if you saw a clear and interesting effect related to the shared name?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Square Artifacts
« on: 2020-07-27, 17:08:37 »
Hi Tom, yeah, sorry about the lack of info. I was so sure I saw a similar problem in the forum recently, that I thought someone might just recognize it.

Host software 3dsmax

Using the latest daily build.

It does not happen without caustics.

Motion blur is activated in geometry.

Some other interesting detail:  I rendered the same frame multiple times. Some squares stay the same, while others change slightly.

Actually, I managed to get rid of the squares by disabling caustics adaptivity.

I'm in the middle of an important job and can't really do a lot of testing, but I will come back to the scene and do some investigation once the job is over.

[Max] I need help! / Square Artifacts
« on: 2020-07-27, 00:00:36 »
I'm getting strange square artifacts in some images. (caustics enabled in render rollout and on every material) DOF enabled.

I suspected Nvidia denoising but it happens when it's on or off.

Probably unrelated but just in case it helps, the previews for Quixel Bridge starter looking like this a couple of days ago.

I remember seeing something similar in the forum, couldn't find it.


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