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Hi all,

Recently I have been getting program freezes at the cleaning up phase, after rendering and denoising is done, that require force closing 3ds max. It has happened in 2 different projects so far.
From my limited tests it seems to be rather consistent, and after some experimenting (and looking inside the forums) I found that it happens when the Post tab is active inside the VFB, and/or possibly when Bloom and Glare is enabled.
Switching to the Stats tab eliminates all freezes, even when Bloom and Glare remain enabled.

I am using Corona version: 7 (Hotfix 1)
Build timestamp: Aug 11 2021 10:54:31
and 3ds Max 2021.

From the forums I got the impression that this was a bug that has been fixed, but it seems it is still there.

Thank you

Hi everyone,

I have the LayerManager always docked at the side to keep the scene as tidy as possible. The problem is that selecting objects through the layer manager takes a considerable amount of time more than making the same selection from the viewport. Say I have isolated 20 objects that are the contents of one layer. Selecting everything through the viewport is instantaneous, but going Layer>Select child nodes or click-shift click through the manager takes like 6 seconds, which can easily take a minute or more for the more populated ones.

The total number of scene objects is easily in the thousands. I am using 3ds Max 2021. Do you have the same problem?


Hi guys,

we all know how 3ds Max scenes like to get corrupted some times (maybe once-twice per project for me). So far I have been lucky in recovering most of the contents through merging the latest file or Autobak into a new scene, although usually at the cost of several unused materials or Render settings.

These previous times it's due to some geometry/Editable poly that got corrupted, but right now I am dealing with a file that gets corrupted everytime I save it. I can merge all contents into a new scene and continue working on it but if I save it and then try to reopen, I get the same Application error all over again.

I have tried to delete the ENU folder with no success, so I would like to know If you are aware of any other reason why a 3ds Max file might get corrupted. Also, when merging this file into a new scene I am getting the error I have attached.

Thank you

Hardware / 3970x RAM Upgrade - 3200 or 3600mhz
« on: 2021-11-24, 12:38:54 »
Hi guys,

First of all sorry if there are similar topics to this one already discussed, feel free to merge them if if you like.

Somehow I have managed so long using 64gb of RAM (full ram popup is a docked window at this point) but it is time to upgrade!
I am using a 3970x on an Asus Prime TRX40 Pro and want to go for 128gb (4sticks of 32gb). I  would like to know if the difference between 3200 and 3600 frequency or CAS Latency would be something noticeable, in Render times or overall system stability, or if I would rather go for a budget option.

For example, the following kit from Gskill seems like a nice pair of 32gb sticks, 3200mhz with CL16-18-18-38, currently going for around 300€ (so 2 of those).

Thank you and have a nice day!


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