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Hey folks,

I'd been thinking for a while about the articles we see in the arch viz industry. We're bombarded with content about techniques and software, how-to tutorials, case studies on headline projects, future promises of AR/VR and game engines, the loss of our careers to AI - the list goes on... but where are the people?

I wanted to try to offer a tiny break from the noise and collect some human stories from the artists and studios behind the images: "Composite" is an illuminating Substack newsletter that delves into the personal stories and ideas from renowned studios and artists in the field.

The first edition (out now!) features an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented Fabio Palvelli - Creative Director at Elephant Skin and co-founder of the D2 Conferences. In the interview, Fabio shares insights into his creative process, techniques, and experiences, providing readers with a glimpse into the person behind the stunning images - read it here.

Future editions will feature studios from around the world including: Darcstudio, Numa, Third Aesthetic, David Schnabel, Ronen Bekerman and more...

If people are interested, I can drop links to future interviews in this thread too.

 - JL

Gallery / Hidden House
« on: 2023-05-16, 15:58:33 »
Afternoon all - just wanted to share a project from late 2022:

Images created in collaboration with architect Matt Williams, Hidden House is a beautiful and secluded contemporary home in North Cornwall which has recently received planning permission.

From the architect - "Hidden House is located within the small hamlet of Trevanson, North Cornwall and nestles within an existing garden, flanked on three sides by mature trees, with expansive views towards the Camel Estuary beyond. The beauty of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is unquestionable; the project site feels like a hidden world; immediately relaxing and connected with nature.

The limited material external palette of rugged grey brickwork reflects the tones and textures of the local stonework seen in the vernacular buildings of the area. The building is conceived to be a series of simple sculptural forms which provide an elegant backdrop to the lush vegetation within which it is embedded.

Commissioned to be a permanent home, Hidden House will provide energy-efficient, generous and flexible family accommodation—designed to take advantage of it’s secluded site with a sensitive approach in form, massing and materiality, to the landscape in which it sits."

All images produced using Autodesk 3DS Max / Corona Renderer / Adobe Photoshop / ForestPack / RailClone / Megascans... the usual suspects!

More images and high-res at Behance.
Cheers - J

With the continued merge of Corona into Chaos Group (which I generally have no issues with) - today I wanted to access a previous Corona Support request but it now redirects to the Chaos Support website, and after logging in there it appears I have no historic tickets or responses.

This is totally undertstandable in the long run and will be fine for new support requests - but it's super frustrating that all of the historic tickets raised have disappeared into the void and can't be accessed.

Are there any plans to migrate old tickets across the new Chaos Support? Or possibly archive old support tickets so we can at least see the responses we've received historically?

Specifically, I've had some licensing issues which I'm anticipating carrying across into Corona 8 (especially given the new licensing model/software) - and being able to look through my previous tickets would have been super useful...

Gallery / House in Suffolk
« on: 2022-05-04, 15:36:34 »
Afternoon all,

Little project completed recently, for a successful planning application with Fen Studio Architects in East Suffolk, UK.
"Designed to replace three existing structures of differing uses and scales:- an arable grain barn, a residential bungalow and a dilapidated piggery structure. The proposal was designed to re-tell the history of the site through its form; referencing the three existing buildings through form and materiality - and by hypothetically 'pinching' the buildings together to create one new building of three distinct forms, connected by permeable linking sections."
CGIs created using 3DS Max, Corona, ForestPack and RailClone + Adobe Photoshop.

Some other versions and crops on Behance.

Gallery / BBC Studios Bridgewater House
« on: 2022-02-08, 15:15:28 »
Afternoon all,

Been sat on this project for a while, but happy to share a set of images produced for the new BBC Studios HQ in Bristol, UK - created for interior design agency Studio B.  Rendered in Corona (of course) - also using ForestPack, Railclone and a few other goodies along the way.

Some additional shots on Behance.

Cheers - J

Gallery / Portraits of Chy Caron
« on: 2021-09-21, 18:10:56 »
Hi folks,

Quick share of some selected images made in collaboration with architect Matt Williams.

Created using 3DS Max / Corona / ForestPack / RailClone / Megascans - and a little in Photoshop (people, birds, colour adjustments - but mostly straight out of the VFB).

I might have been too enthusiastic while creating alternative shots, so there are many more images on Behance + Artstation

Cheers - J

Maybe impossible - or maybe achievable in another way... but it would be helpful to disable individual lights or light materials from Volumetric effects or the Global Volume material - in the same way you can disable a light from reflection / refraction / masks / alpha.

An example where this would be useful is for any project using LightMix with multiple environments or lighting setups. The CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics element becomes useless for applying in Post as it combines the environmental effects from every light source.

I have a current project with a day shot (just sun/sky) and a night version (with interior and exterior lighting) - all lights are visible in the volumetric pass. The volumetric pass is now useless for tweaking/layering in post as it has sunlight pouring in through the windows (not relevant for the night shot) and has volumetric cones where the exterior lights appear (lovely in the night shot, but not relevant for the day shot).

Alternatively if there was a control within the CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics pass to choose which light sources it is using - much like the Light Select passes themselves?

[Max] Feature Requests / Daylight System / Camera link
« on: 2021-05-25, 11:04:38 »
No idea if this is achievable, but it would be great to link the time in the Daylight system to individual cameras...

I'm working on a photomontage project, and the Daylight system is ideal for matching the sun direction / shadows to the original photos - but with 5 different viewpoints, it means changing the time in the daylight system for every shot.

This might be achievable with something clever in maxscript, but I'm not at all knowledgeable enough - if anyone has any solutions, I'd be happy to hear them!

[Max] I need help! / Backburner / Noise Limit Tweak
« on: 2020-10-13, 10:45:06 »
Hiya - I'm rendering a project via Backburner, I'd expected the images to take longer to render so had set quite a high Noise Limit. Since completing a few frames, I'm now wishing I'd set a lower Noise Limit...

Is there any way to change just the Noise Limit without having to cancel and re-submit the jobs to Backburner (there are several scenes / lighting setups queued in Backburner) - I've looked in the obvious 'Edit Settings' function of Backburner but there are no Corona settings within there. Am wondering if there is an instruction about Noise Limits somewhere within the Backburner Jobs folder / files?


EDIT: After further reading, I'm 99% sure there isn't a quick way to do this - I'm trying a slightly more manual route (accessing the Backburner Jobs folder -> opening the Max file for the job -> changing the Noise limit, resaving -> restart the job in Backburner) - not sure this will work but it's worth a go.

This morning I've sent a couple of images to render on another machine, and the frame buffer isn't showing any preview of the render (I understand that it won't display it in the Corona VFB, but even the Max frame buffer is blank). Shows a black image, with a small square of grey in the top left corner (see attached).

The eventual render output (a CXR and some Tiffs for posterity) were all totally fine and looked exactly as expected...

Just opened a different scene, sent that to Backburner and had the same thing happen - any thoughts?
I've been using Corona with backburner for several years and never had this issue previously.

Gallery / The Dune House | Lightmix
« on: 2020-04-29, 18:33:06 »

Hope everyone is staying home (where possible) and healthy...

Wanted to share a couple of images from a recent project which used Lightmix to create different times of day/moods for the marketing brochure/website.
Nothing revolutionary, but Lightmix came in super handy for producing many (many) more images than initially planned.

Some other images are on Behance here.


[Max] I need help! / Copy + Paste in VFB - what bit depth?
« on: 2020-03-08, 17:50:04 »
This may be answered elsewhere, but couldn't find it...

When copy and pasting directly from the VFB, what bit depth is captured? I assume it's only 8-bit, but was wondering the difference if I copy and paste into a 16-bit Photoshop file...?

I could be entirely misunderstanding something completely - if so, feel free to re-educate me.

Gallery / Thatchers Cider Headquarters
« on: 2020-01-23, 12:43:50 »

Pleased to share one of my favourite projects of 2019, a set of images for the new headquarters for one of the UKs leading cider manufacturers - Thatchers. Working closed with the interior design agency, the goal was to show the mixture of open plan office and functional spaces - along with emphasising the combination of heritage, passion and fun in the business.

The project is almost built now - once I've got some photos to share, you'll see how similar it looks completed!

Corona Proxy was used extensively in the project, along with ForestPack and Railclone to keep the scenes lightweight and adaptable.
More information about the project here -

To add an extra level of detail to the images I replicated their full range of cider (along with other marketing materials like mugs, beermats and notebooks), and also recreated their cider orchard outside of the offices to build other marketing images.

NB - these extra images are a bit noisy, and could do with a little extra time on the farm *pun* - but thought they'd be nice to share too.

I have really inconsistent issues with Distributed Rendering - when I open a new file in Max, it will always find DR slaves with no issues - but often if I'm working on a project and decide to enable DR it doesn't find any slaves.

I can literally find no slaves one minute, start a new file in Max and it will find slaves immediately. In the existing file I've tried resetting Render settings to default but get the same issue; switching to a different renderer and back to Corona and still nothing. I've also checked in Backburner and all machines see one another fine.

Any suggestions how to resolve this without having to import everything into the new file (this happens reasonably often - with no reason why).

General CG Discussion / Autodesk launches 3ds Max Indie
« on: 2019-07-31, 15:03:54 »
"If you are a recent graduate, freelancer, or you just love to make awesome stuff in 3D, you could be eligible to subscribe to 3ds Max Indie. Create like a pro at a price you can afford. 
Who is eligible?
Your annual gross revenue from design work must be less than USD$100,000/year
Only one license can be used per user or organization
Offer is only eligible to those based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK or the US"


Seems like an interesting idea - especially seeing lots of people moving towards C4D in recent years. Not so great if you're outside of the five pilot countries - or if you're already tied into a three year plan...

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